PSATS Executive Issues Statement on January 6 Violence

Yesterday, PSATS Executive Director David Sanko issued the following statement on vandalism and violence in the public sector:  

“While peaceful protests were provided for by the founding fathers in the Constitution, violence and vandalism are not acceptable, whether directed at the U.S. Capitol (Wednesday), the White House (summer 2020), or even township buildings. Destruction of public property and threats to public servants are crimes punishable by law. Regardless of the source of violence and vandalism, offenders must be prosecuted.  

“One of the reasons that local government works best is its closeness to the people. Folks in Washington and Harrisburg would do well to take some lessons from township officials. Common sense, civility, public discourse, absence of hyper-partisanship, building safe communities with a good quality of life, providing for needs before wants, and not spending more than you have are all key factors in maintaining public confidence.  

All public officials serve those who elect them and answer to them at the ballot box.” 

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