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  • PennDOT Undecided on Appealing Bridge Tolling Plan End  
    The Commonwealth Court granted a petition for summary relief and has determined that the state Department of Transportation’s plans to toll and rebuild nine major bridges under the Major Bridge P3 Initiative across the state are void, having been approved […]
  • Tips for Troubleshooting Renewal 
    Many townships are due to renew their registration in the coming weeks. As a reminder, townships were required to create a account for American Rescue Plan funding and must keep registration active to receive any future federal funds, […]
  • Second Tranche of American Rescue Plan Funds Not Coming In June 
    While we reported earlier this month to expect the second tranche of the American Rescue Plan funds by the end of June, we have learned that the request to  Treasury has not yet been made over a concern of whether there is […]
  • Airbnb Permanently Bans House Parties 
    Airbnb has permanently banned house parties in its facilities, including “open invite” parties advertised on social media, as well as disruptive parties and “party house” parties. The company first adopted a temporary ban in August 2020 and said that since […]

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