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Remembering 9/11 and Its Legacy
Twenty years after a hijacked plane crashed in an empty field in Township, Somerset County, those impacted by the events of the three-pronged terorist attack recall that tragic day and what has happened in the two decades since. Click here for this month’s free article.

EMS Workers Soldier on During the Pandemic
Long plagued by low recruitment, inadequate funding, rising costs, and now a global pandemic, EMS providers continue to bring health care to their communities.

9/11 Proved Emergency Readiness Matters
The events of 9/11 helped to ensure that emergency responders are ready for whatever disaster or emergency occurs on their watch.

Township Weathers Public Safety Challenges
Upper Merion Township in Montgomery County had its emergency management plan tested while facing multiple public safety challenges in 2020 — all in the midst of the pandemic.

PA Gears Up for Redistricting
In testifying about congressional reapportionment, PSATS urges lawmakers to try to keep entire municipalities within one district.

Celebrating PSATS’ Centennial: Co. Associations
Many county associations pre-date the founding of PSATS and have been holding county conventions for 100-plus years.

Escape from COVID-19 Townships located near parks, forests,
Townships located near parks, forests, and other recreational opportunities are benefiting from a pandemic-driven surge to the outdoors.

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