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  • Liquid Fuels Funds Released Yesterday 
    The state Department of Transportation has released $467.2 million in 2024 liquid fuels funds to all municipalities that filed the required paperwork. For 2024, the final population factor is $17.9662 per person and the mileage factor is $3,188.0077 per mile. Total […]
  • Dave Sanko Explains Why Local Government Works in Spotlight PA Article
    People tend to trust their local government more than the state or federal ones because local government is more responsive and “more customizable … to the needs of the community,” PSATS Executive Director Dave Sanko told Spotlight PA in a […]
  • Register for Conference Today! Price Goes Up March 26
    Thinking about registering for the 2024 PSATS Annual Educational Conference and Exhibit Show but haven’t gotten around to it? Don’t wait! Register by March 25 to get the discounted rate. Where else can you get 3½ days of 80-plus workshops, […]
  • State Collections Above Estimates for February    
    Now past the midpoint in the state fiscal year, the Independent Fiscal Office and state Department of Revenue have released the revenue reports for February. The state collected $2.77 billion in general fund revenues for February, 4.1% above the IFO’s official estimate, driven […]
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