PSATS Grassroots Network

The PSATS Grassroots Network is composed of local leaders who work together to ensure that the voice of all townships is heard in Harrisburg and Washington.

PSATS keeps members of the network informed of the status of important legislation and policies. Network members are encouraged to establish relationships with their legislators and communicate with them regularly about how a piece of legislation or a particular policy would impact township government.

Grassroots Advocacy Network Resources

► PSATS Grassroots Engagement Tool

Looking for what happened this week in Harrisburg and Washington? Check out the PSATS Grassroots Engagement Tool (GET). GET is a clearing house for PSATS’ government relations efforts. The landing page provides the latest legislative news (which can also be found daily in the PSATS Morning News), and from the home page members can access action alerts, read PSATS’ policy statements and find information about government and voting.

To access the PSATS Grassroots Engagement Tool (GET), you first must be signed into Next hover your mouse over “Legislative & Policy” then hover over “PSATS Grassroots Network” and Grassroots Engagement Tool will appear to the right.

National Association of Towns and Townships

The National Association of Towns and Townships (NATaT) is the voice for more than 10,000 towns and townships across America seeking to enhance the ability of smaller communities to deliver public services, economic vitality, and good government to their citizens. America’s towns and townships seek to partner with the federal government to ensure that public laws, policies, regulations, and resources support our role in fostering local democracy. Click here to view NATatT’s 2020 Federal Platform

►  PSATS Grassroots Lobbying Guide Interested in learning how to become an effective grassroots lobbyist? Check out the PSATS Grassroots Lobbying Guide. This guidebook is an excellent tool for township officials interested in becoming effective grassroots lobbyists.

Add Your Voice to the Network

Interested in becoming a member of the PSATS Grassroots Advocacy Network? Contact PSATS at or (717) 763-0930 ext. 197.

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