Township Video News

Township Video News

Watch the award-winning Township Video News (TVN) every week for updates on local government training, interviews with decision-makers, and more.

New TVN segments are released Tuesdays and the Question of the Week on Thursdays in The Morning News, our daily email update for members.

Look For the Following

First Tuesday of the month:

Training Tuesday, a snapshot of upcoming PSATS workshops, webinars, and other educational opportunities. This is also a great place to get information about the PSATS Annual Educational Conference and Exhibit Show.

Second Tuesday:

DaveTalk, insights from PSATS Executive Director Dave Sanko.

Third Tuesday:

Coffee and the Capitol, a casual conversation with state lawmakers and others on trending issues impacting townships.

Fourth Tuesday:

PSATS Roulette, the lighter side of TVN, where we spin the wheel and see what comes up. Will it be funny? Informative? You’ll have to watch to find out.


On Thursdays, PSATS staff shares helpful advice in the TVN Question of the Week.

If you like what you’re watching, email and subscribe to PSATS’ YouTube channel. (Tap the bell icon to be notified each time a new TVN segment is posted.)

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