Legislative Testimony

PSATS provides testimony on legislation before the General Assembly based on the policies and positions established by its members. 

Browse the links below to view PSATS’ recent legislative testimony before the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Topics are listed in alphabetical order.  Questions can be directed to PSATS Legislative & Policy Analyst Melissa Morgan at (717) 763-0930 ext. 178 or mmorgan@psats.org.

Alternative Sewage Facilities

PSATS Testimony on Act 26 of 2017 & Act 34 of 2020 (4-27-21)

Authority Rates for Rentals

PSATS Comments on HB 1563 (7-14-20)

Energy Choice

PSATS Testimony on SB 275 (5-11-21)

Broadband Deployment

PSATS Testimony on Broadband (8-7-19)


PSATS Testimony on HB 1687 (9-24-19)

Legal Advertising

PSATS Testimony on HB 955 (5-26-21)


Joint Testimony on SB 310 (5-20-21)

Personal Delivery Devices

PSATS Testimony on SB 1999 (7-21-20)


PSATS Testimony on Redistricting (7-22-21)

Right-to-Know Law

PSATS Testimony on the Right-to-Know Law (3-9-21)

Small-Cell Wireless Facilities 

PSATS Testimony on HB 1400: small-cell wireless facilities (6-12-19)

PSATS Testimony on Wireless Facilities (4-28-21)

Solar Farms

PSATS Testimony on Solar Farms (5-25-21)

Stormwater Management

PSATS testimony on stormwater management (6-19-19)
PSATS testimony on stormwater fees and MS4 (6-5-19)

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