Fraudsters Use Stolen Information from Data Leaks to Apply for Unemployment Benefits

The Pennsylvania State Police remind Pennsylvanians to be vigilant of fraud, watch for warning signs and steps to take if they become a victim. 

Across the nation, fraudsters have been applying for unemployment benefits using stolen identities obtained in data breaches that occurred. More than 11,000 data breaches have caused the exposure of more than 1.6 billion records in the United States in recent years. Many individuals whose personal data was leaked during these breaches are unaware until a fraudster uses their identity to apply for unemployment benefits and they receive notification that a benefits application has been filed in their name. Othe swindles include fraudulent credit card and home mortgage title theft. Pennsylvania’s unemployment fraud was even higher given the rollout of a new computer system which was also an attractive target for fraudsters. 

If you find unemployment fraud, contact the Department of Labor & Industry as well as your local police or State Police. For questions or complaints about a financial transaction, company, or other product, contact the Department of Banking and Securities at 1-800-PA-BANKS or use the online complaint form. 

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