Transportation Funding Report….a Buffet of Options

After 5 months of meeting the TROC Report (Transportation Revenue Options Commission) will be released offering a variety of options for the Governor and Legislature to consider to fund future shortfalls in transportation funding. PSATS Executive Director was on the Commission representing municipal governments which are responsible for nearly two thirds of the linear road miles in PA. The inclusion of local government in the final report was not part of the Governor’s Executive order charging the commission with tasks.  The current 3.9 billion local shortfall grows to over 5 billion in the next 10 years.  Novel revenue options that will now be shared with locals include a package delivery fee that recognizes that all the amazon (and other) delivery vans are on local roads more than interstates (first and last mile of any trip).  Check back here in the Morning News on Monday for more details of the funding options or watch your weekend news.  

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