PA Turnpike Makes Final $450 Million Transit Payment to PennDOT

The PA Turnpike Commission delivered its final $450 million payment to PennDOT for mass transit systems around the state, as mandated by Act 44 of 2007, bringing the total transferred over the last 15 years to $7.9 billion. The payments have driven significant annual toll increases and deep cuts to the Turnpike’s capital plan to rebuild and expand its aging system. 

Under Act 89 of 2013, the commission’s payment drops from $450 million annually to $50 million at the end of this current fiscal year; at that time, $450 million for mass transit will come from the state’s General Fund.  

Before the enactment of Act 44 of 2007, the commission raised tolls only six times in 64 years. Earlier this month, the commission announced a 2022 toll increase of 5% — slightly lower than the 6% increases that have been approved every year since 2016.  

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