Want More Options for ARP Spending?

Many townships have not yet taken advantage of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) “revenue replacement” calculator on the PSATS website. Created by the Government Finance Officers Association, it is available on the ARP resource page at www.psats.org. It is important to townships to determine whether they lost revenue from 2019 to 2020 and in future years. If there was a loss, you can “replace” that lost revenue with ARP funds and have nearly unlimited options in how to spend those dollars. Please run that calculation before spending any ARP funds. To access the calculator, click here: https://www.psats.org/american-rescue-plan-federal-funding-for-townships/?_cldee=c2NvYnVybkBwc2F0cy5vcmc%3d&recipientid=contact-f66633b3620fe61180e66c3be5a8c804-c5d37e0eeb1245dbbe76e7686e857bf9&esid=50042a7d-2316-ec11-b6e6-000d3a9b9f9a 

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