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Viewing this page means you have clicked on the UC link on the Connect.psats.org site.
This site is no longer the way to access PSATS’ Member information.
You can go straight to PSATS.org

Steps to accessing UC Quarterly.

1. Have you reset your password since November 8th?
Click here for directions

2. Once you have signed in, the Sign in button on the tool bar (beside the magnifying glass) will turn to My PSATS.

3.Place your mouse on My PSATS until a menu apprears. You should see Unemployment Compensation.

4. Place your mouse on Unemployment Compensation. there should be menu items appear, one being “UC Quarterly Reports”

5. Click on “UC Quarterly Reports” And start the regular process.

All you need to know about UC Quarterly Form Submission.

***Click here to start the filing process.***

Instructions for Gross and Taxable Wages

  1. TOTAL GROSS WAGES ~ enter the total gross wages paid in this calendar quarter to your employees. This includes gross wages paid to full-time and part-time employees, supervisors’ wages as employees and tax collector APPOINTED to collect Act 511 taxes (per capita, earned income, occupation, LST, etc.)

DO NOT INCLUDE EXEMPT WAGES ~ compensation paid to the ELECTED supervisors for their elected position, elected auditors or compensation or fees paid to the ELECTED tax collector for collecting real estate tax levied under the township code or compensation or fees paid to the ELECTED tax collector for the collection of any act 511 taxes whereby the elected tax collector is designated by ordinance as the collector of the money or compensation paid to planning commission members and zoning hearing board.

Gross wages reported on the PSATS Unemployment Compensation Group Trust Employer’s Quarterly Report form must be the same gross wages and employees reported on the reports filed with the PA U.C. Fund.

  1. TOTAL TAXABLE WAGES FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES ~ enter the amount of taxable wages paid to employees during this quarter. Do NOT include exempt wages. Only the first $10,000 of wages paid to each employee during the calendar year is taxable for the employer contribution due.


If gross wages paid to 1 employee are ~ 1st Qtr $2,500 2nd Qtr $3,000 3rd Qtr $2,700 4th Qtr $2,000 Total Gross wages equal $10,200.

Report taxable wages as follows ~ 1st Qtr $2,500 2nd Qtr $3,000 3rd Qtr $2,700 4th Qtr $1,800 Total Taxable wages equal $10,000.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the Employer’s Quarterly Report filed with the PSATS U. C. Group Trust Fund, please contact us at (800) 382-1268.

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