Step One For Better Broadband Connectivity in PA  

With the latest influx of funding, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is collecting broadband information from consumers to create updated maps that display fixed and mobile broadband availability, as well as lack of access. Township officials and their residents are encouraged to participate and tell the FCC about their access or lack of access. These maps will drive broadband funding. 

Consumers can share their broadband experience by filling out a short form detailing their lack of connectivity and uploading supporting documents. If you have trouble filing out the webform, you can call 888-225-5322. (Editor’s note: only the federal government would ask you to upload forms to document you don’t have internet connectivity…use the phone!) 

For those with service, The FCC has a Speed Test app available that can be downloaded and run to demonstrate actual broadband speeds for both mobile and in-home broadband networks. In addition to showing your network performance test results, the app also provides the test results to the FCC as part of its Measuring Broadband America ProgramClick here to learn more and to participate.  

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