Reminder: Enter Your Salary Survey Data to Open the Reports Earlier!

Be sure your designated township staff (PSATS Salary Survey Plus processor) enters your township’s wage and benefit data by July 31 to ensure the earliest access to all PSATS Salary Survey Plus reports for 2023! With inflation and challenges to find and keep quality employees, townships should participate to find out how other townships most like theirs are compensating employees and what benefits are provided. It is a good practice to update your data at the end of each month to make this tool even more valuable. 

Participants can currently see 2018-2022 data for comparisons if you prviously entered data. Once enough data is collected for this year, 2023 results will be released and township supervisors, managers, secretaries, and other township-authorized employees from participating townships will be able to access comparisons to 2018-2022 results. You can also see question-by-question comparisons, and reports by region, population, budget size, union status, benefits, and more! Participants can run real-time reports and comparisons with townships most like theirs. To protect anonymity, results are only provided for questions that receive responses from at least five townships.    

To access Salary Survey Plus, log onto and look under “My PSATS” for “Salary Survey Plus.” If you have any issues accessing the survey or need to change the township official designated to enter data (the PSATS Salary Survey Plus processor), email    

Questions about the survey? Need help with a report? Email or call (717) 763-0930, ext. 126, for Katie Lizza.   

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