Legal Advertising Reform Bill Passed Over in Committee

Despite efforts by PSATS and other local government associations to convince legislators of the need for legal advertising reform, the House Local Government Committee passed over HB 955. HB 955 would give municipalities the option of placing public notices on their own website or a shopper and would expand the types of newspapers that could be used for legal advertisements, in addition to a newspaper of general circulation. PSATS will continue to work to move this priority forward, which would fulfill PSATS resolutions.   

Thank you to the dozens of townships that provided detailed cost information on legal advertising! We appreciate your efforts and will use it to build support for legal advertising reform. If you haven’t yet submitted information, we are collecting examples of how much it currently costs your township for a legal advertisement and how long in advance advertisements must be submitted before publication. We are also looking for examples of townships that don’t currently have a newspaper of general circulation available in your township. Please send your input to Holly Fishel, PSATS Policy & Research Director, at or call 717-763-0930, ext. 138. Documentation of expenses is much appreciated! Please send by Monday, June 6! 

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