Guidelines Available for PA Broadband Authority Broadband Grants

The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority has approved guidelines for the Pennsylvania Broadband Infrastructure Program, funded through the Capital Projects Fund. This program will provide $200 million toward broadband line extension and development projects, as well as large-scale regional infrastructure projects. Townships are eligible to apply beginning May 10 through July 10. The minimum grant is $500,000 and maximum is $10 million.  

Projects must deliver service that meets or exceeds download and upload speeds of 100 Megabits per second, with prioritization being given to fiber-optic deployment. Projects must include a sustainability strategy to maintain, repair, and upgrade networks to ensure their continued operation. Applicants must participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program and a 25% match is required.   For more information, visit, click the “Programs & Funding” tab and then “Broadband in Pennsylvania.”  

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