Enjoy the Colors of Fall This Weekend!

The week of October 21st through 27th is the optimal time to experience vivid fall colors across the state according to the weekly fall foliage report by the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Northwest counties are reporting at or near-peak conditions in a mix of oranges, reds, and amber shades of their maple, sassafras, and oak trees. West-central and Southwestern counties have seen cold temperatures kick fall color into full gear, notably seen in birch, poplar, and beech trees. In the Central and Southcentral counties, tulip poplars and black gum trees are ushering in the transition to peak fall foliage while hickories, witch hazel, and dogwoods are approaching their most vibrant. While several Northeastern counties have begun to move past peak foliage season, plenty of red maple, white and red oak, and aspen trees are still showing off their beautiful fall colors. 

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