Canadian Wildfires Create Unhealthy Air Quality 

The state Department of Environmental Protection has issued a Code Red Air Quality Action Day throughout the entire commonwealth for fine particulate matter due to significant smoke from wildfires in eastern Canada. Due to current weather reports, smoke is expected to continue to be an issue until Friday for most of the state. Code Red means that all Pennsylvania residents should limit outdoor activities and those with lung or heart conditions should avoid prolonged outdoor exposure. Some areas of the state may go to purple which is even more dangerous. 

Township officials should note that air quality may worsen and should monitor conditions through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index. Click here for a chart that explains the recommendations for higher contaminant levels. Conditions in the northcentral and eastern parts of the state are reporting significantly worse air quality levels where all residents should limit outdoor exertion and sensitive populations should avoid outdoor exposure. In the most hazardous levels, township officials may consider delaying planned roadwork and other outdoor activities including youth sports. Click here for the DEP press release. 

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