Reminder: Tell Washington “NO” Increases to Truck Length or Weight    

Thank you to the hundreds of township officials who already signed the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks’ letter opposing federal legislation that would authorize longer and heavier trucks. As you know, higher truck weight causes damage to all roads. The goal, through NATAT and PSATS, is to collect over 1,000 signatures and thanks to your help, more than 450 signatures have already been collected! Click here to review and sign the letter. Name, position, state, and email address are needed.    

Two federal bills to authorize substantial truck weight increases on our nation’s roads, HR 3372 and HR 2948 were approved by committee in late May. These bills are now expected to come up for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives after the August recess.   

Your timely participation is critical. The more signatures that are added to the letter, the more powerful the message will be to maintain current truck size and weight laws and oppose longer and heavier trucks. As many township officials from each township as possible are encouraged to sign and provide the strongest statement of opposition. As such, waiting for a meeting is not necessary.   

PSATS is opposed to bigger trucks due to the damage it will cause to local roads and our standing resolutions. More information on the fight against bigger trucks can be found at  

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