Looking for Upcoming Report Deadlines?

While you are waiting for your calendar to arrive, here are upcoming filing deadlines: 

  • January 15: Tax Information Form (DCED-CLGS-2565) 
  • January 31: Actual Use Report of State Funds (MS-965) 
  • February 1: Report of Elected and Appointed Officials (DCED-CLGS-19) 
  • February 1: Copies of W-2 and W-3 forms are due to employees and the Social Security Administration. 
  • February 1: Copies of 1099-NEC forms are due 
  • February 11: Survey of Financial Condition (DCED-CLGS-69) (Note: Although the form is officially due March 15, PennDOT requires that it be submitted by February 11 for townships to receive their liquid fuels payments by March 1.) 

For more information on DCED forms, click here. For more information on PennDOT forms, click here. For more information on federal tax forms, click here.  

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