COVID-19 Hospitalizations Ticking Up

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Pennsylvania increased from 4,359 to 5,280, a 21% increase. 967 patients are in the ICU, an increase from the previous week’s 902. Total deaths in Pennsylvania have reached 36,714 with 664 new deaths reported this week, a small increase compared to the previous week. 

105,125 new cases of COVID-19 were reported last week in Pennsylvania, a jump of 64% compared to the prior week and an increase for the second consecutive week. The statewide COVID-19 total case count now stands at 2,059,613. The commonwealth rose to 15th in cases per 100,000 nationally, with New York, New Jersey, and Florida now in the top three. Both Pennsylvania and the U.S. set new records for the most cases recorded in one day, with 23,192 and 486,428 respectively.

Pennsylvania’s statewide percent-positivity rate increased for the second week in a row from 15.3% to 21.9%. One county has a rate of less than 5% (compared to none last week), two counties have rates of 5% to less than 10% (compared to four last week); 37 counties have rates of 10% to less than 20% (compared to 54 last week); and 27 counties have a rate of at least 20% but less than 30% (compared to nine last week).  

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