Townships May Apply Now for New Local Law Enforcement Grants

Township officials may now apply for the new Local Law Enforcement Grants that were part of the 2022 budget. These grants will provide $135 million for a Local Law Enforcement Support Program and a $50 million Gun Violence Investigation & Prosecution Program. Applications are due October 13. Click here for the press release.  

The Local Law Enforcement Program provides law enforcement agencies with the necessary resources to implement information technology improvements, purchase or upgrade equipment, cover non-traditional law enforcement personnel costs, support retention and recruitment efforts, and provide necessary training. Priority will be given to areas of Pennsylvania with high rates of violence or law enforcement agencies with low clearance rates. Township police departments may apply for grants based on population, with the smallest eligible for $1 million. Click here to learn more about the LLE Support Program.  

The Gun Violence Investigation & Prosecution program provides district attorneys’ offices and local law enforcement agencies with more tools to investigate and prosecute firearm violations and violent crimes committed with firearms. Funds may be spent on multi-agency gun violence task forces, personnel costs, and technology and software to improve investigation or prosecution and increase clearance rates. Click here to learn more about this program.  

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