Township Officials, Residents Encouraged to Complete Broadband Survey 

The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority is conducting a survey about resident access to broadband internet services, how much those services cost, whether it is a burden on the resident, and if the resident has the devices needed to access the internet. Township officials should complete the survey, which takes about 10-15 minutes, and should encourage their residents to complete the survey as well, particularly if there is limited broadband access in your community or if the available options are not affordable for your residents. Click here to take the survey.

These results will help guide where upcoming efforts should be focused as the Authority works to complete plans for providing broadband access across the commonwealth, including a 5-Year Action Plan for universal broadband service and a Digital Equity Plan. The plans are being developed in collaboration to establish a comprehensive, successful, and sustainable path to connect all Pennsylvanians to digital opportunities.  

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