To Make Roads Safer, PSATS Calls for Modern Speed Enforcement Technology

Yesterday, PSATS issued a press release calling on the Pennsylvania legislature to allow municipalities to use 21st-century road safety technology, like automated cameras, red-light cameras, and LiDAR, as well as develop statewide training standards for use of the 21st- century technology by municipal police forces.

“Keeping residents and employees safe is a priority for all Pennsylvania townships,” said PSATS Executive Director David Sanko. “Unfortunately, without legislative authorization, local police forces do not have access to new speed enforcement technology, leaving them with limited options to enforce traffic laws and keep roads safe.”

According to Sanko, PSATS has always been committed to providing local officials with the resources they need to build stronger, safer communities. But local police forces lack access to the newest, most up-to-date, and effective speed enforcement technology, limiting their ability to enforce traffic laws and maintain road safety.

PSATS is withdrawing from the Radar [Only] Coalition as the township association shifts focus to a broad range of modern speed enforcement technologies, rather than just radar. As PSATS urges the legislature to seek future-oriented solutions, it is hoped that its municipal partners will join the effort.

PSATS is calling on the Pennsylvania legislature to prioritize roadway safety by expanding the use of automated speed enforcement devices and red-light cameras across the state. It also advocates for providing state Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission (MPOETC) trained and certified local police forces with access to the latest technologies for speed enforcement, including LiDAR. The legislature should also reauthorize automated school bus cameras and automated speed enforcement in all school zones.

“By prioritizing roadway safety, PSATS believes that Pennsylvania can build safer and stronger communities for all residents. After all, isn’t that what every Pennsylvanian deserves?” Sanko concluded.

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