Shapiro Orders Flags to Half Staff 

In honor of 29 yr. old PA State Trooper Jacques Rougeau Jr., Gov. Shapiro ordered Commonwealth flags to half-staff until Rougeau’s interment. He was killed in an ambush in Walker Township, Juniata County. Rougeau joined the force in 2020, was married and was soon to celebrate his 3rd anniversary. State Police Lt. James Wagner, 45, remains in critical condition. The shooter was killed after a gun battle. PSATS offers prayers to the families and a special reminder for all to thank the PA State Police who provide public safety protection to 13 million Pennsylvanians. Everyday all our first responders serve others before themselves and we should be forever grateful. 

Anyone interested in donating to assist the troopers’ families can send a check to the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association (PSTA) at 3625 Vartan Way, Harrisburg, PA 17110. The check should be made out to the “Survivor’s Fund,” with the name of the trooper written in the “memo” portion of the check. 

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