Reminder: We Need Your Stories to Makethe Case for Legal Advertising Reform   

PSATS is working to build legislative support for legal advertising reform, and we need your help! PSATS supports legislation that would provide additional options for legal advertising, including placing ads on township websites and in shoppers. We are collecting your stories of how much it costs your township to place a legal advertisement and how much you spend annually on legal ads, including answers to the following questions: 

Have your advertising costs increased over the years? Have you recently experienced a newspaper closing or were unable to publish a needed print advertisement due to unforeseen circumstances? Is a newspaper of general circulation available for delivery in your township or does your newspaper deliver via U.S. mail? How long in advance does your newspaper require advertisement submissions before publication? Is your newspaper local or out of town or state?   

Any information that you can share would be appreciated, including subscription and readership data, particularly information that is new since May 2022. Please send your input to Katie Lizza, PSATS Policy & Research Analyst, at or call (717) 763-0930, ext. 126. Thank you for your help! 

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