PSATS Focuses on Public Safety in the September Township News!

PSATS Focuses on Public Safety in the September Township News!

In keeping with National Preparedness Month, the September 2023 edition of the Township News tackles several public safety topics. The cover story looks at actions townships can take to reduce public works and first responder casualties along roads. The edition also examines the ongoing staffing and funding crisis for emergency medical services and explores ways that townships can combat dangerous misinformation.

You will also find an article on some recent catastrophes suffered by member townships, plus a look at what’s in store for attendees of the upcoming TEMA Tabletop Exercise Seminars. Of course, you’ll also find all the regular columns you look forward to each month.

Subscribers to the News can access the APEX Award-winning digital edition by logging into and clicking on “Digital Publications” under “My PSATS.” The September digital edition includes exclusive video content: a traffic incident management instructor advocating for better public awareness of the Move Over Law to help protect road workers and first responders and the executive director of the Ambulance Association of PA discussing the funding and staffing crisis facing EMS agencies.

Not yet a subscriber? Check out this month’s free article and learn how to subscribe to the News.

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