PSATS Executive Director Issues Statement Supporting Local Decision Making

The following statement was issued yesterday by PSATS Executive Director David M. Sanko: 

“On behalf of Pennsylvania’s 1,454 townships of the second class, we emphasize the critical importance of local decision making. Township and other local leaders know what’s best for their communities and should be allowed to do what they always do: make decisions in the best interest of their citizens for their own local conditions. 

“Our members have been on the front line every day and are not in favor of any mandates that would interfere in local authority at this time. One-size-fits-all solutions do not work in a state as diverse as the commonwealth that experiences different challenges by community, area, or region. 

“Recognizing and promoting CDC recommendations, we do not believe townships’ hands should be tied in making their own local decisions. Vaccinations and common-sense hygiene solutions are primary ways to control the spread of disease and protect the general population.” 

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