PSATS Collaborates with PSP on Infrastructure Threats 

PSATS has entered into a collaboration with the Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security in an effort to bridge any gaps in information sharing between township officials and the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC); particularly regarding potential threats to our residents and infrastructure.  

As part of this collaboration, PSATS is asking any of our townships who may have received any type of threatening communications recently with regard to direct or indirect threats against energy infrastructure to contact staff member George Bivens, PSATS Government Relations, at or 717-763-0930, ext 127. 

Members should also be aware that Maryland became the third state, along with South Dakota and South Carolina, to recently ban the use of TikTok on any state-owned communications device out of concerns for possible data collection through this app by the Chinese government.  

The federal government has been looking at these concerns for some time, along with the FCC Commissioner calling for it to be banned. Legislation was recently introduced in Congress to ban it from all federal devices. It is suggested that any township using this platform monitor the situation to assess the risk to your township based on how it is used. 

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