PennDOT Modernized CDL Driver’s Skills Test 

The state Department of Transportation has announced that a new, modernized commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills test will be implemented statewide on August 28. The intent of the modernization is to make sure drivers have the knowledge and skills to drive safely on the road while reflecting modern vehicle features. Applicants will continue to be required to pass the full CDL Skills test, which includes pre-trip inspection, basic control, and a road test, to receive their CDL.  

The Basic Control Skills test will require applicants to demonstrate control by performing the following maneuvers: 

·  Forward Stop to demonstrate an applicant’s ability to judge the front of the vehicle;  

·  Straight-Line Backing to demonstrate the applicant’s ability to back the vehicle in a straight line;  

·  Forward Offset Tracking to demonstrate an applicant’s ability to maneuver the vehicle around other objects while moving forward; and  

·  Reverse Offset Backing to demonstrate an applicant’s ability to offset reverse and park the vehicle 

Applicants who plan to take the test after August 28 should study the updated Commercial Driver License Manual to prepare. Applicants who have already completed portions of the skills testing prior to August 28 will need to complete current versions of CDL Skills Testing. These applicants should continue to review and study the current Commercial Driver License Manual to prepare for each portion of the knowledge and driver skills test. 

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