New Economic Plan Includes Building Vibrant and Resilient Regions  

As reported earlier this week, Gov. Josh Shapiro unveiled his 10-year strategic plan for economic development, which focused on transforming Pennsylvania and making the state more competitive. The governor’s plan focuses on agriculture, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, and robotics and technology. One of the strategic initiatives of interest to townships is building vibrant and resilient regions. This goal includes:  

  • Launching a Regional Hubs Challenge to provide different geographic regions with the resources they need to plan and implement localized strategies.  
  • Funding the development of downtown areas and main street projects, as well as investing in public spaces that bring these community hubs to life.  
  • Building out a modern infrastructure grid and continuing to augment federal funds with state appropriations for roads and bridges, water and sewers, high-speed internet, and clean energy infrastructure.  
  • Partnering with residential developers to construct and rehabilitate new and existing housing stock across the commonwealth.  

PSATS participated in meetings with the state Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Rick Siger as they developed the plan, and we expect further meetings and inclusion as they begin implementation.   

For more information, visit Ten-Year Strategic Plan for Economic Development in Pennsylvania ( and Business in Pennsylvania | PA DCED (   

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