More Than 1,300 Townships Receive 2023 Liquid Fuels Distributions 

According to the state Department of Transportation’s records, more than 1,300 townships of the second class have received more than $230 million in 2023 liquid fuels distributions since March 1, the earliest that a municipality can receive its distribution. That means that most townships timely filed all required reports and received their funds as early as possible, thanks to their staff.  

If your township didn’t receive its 2023 funds, then one or more of your required reports may not have been filed or there are issues with the report. The MS-965 Actual Use Report of State Funds and the Report of Elected and Appointed Officials are both due on January 31 of each year and must filed to receive your township’s liquid fuels allocation on March 1. PennDOT recommends filing these reports as early as possible to ensure that your township’s allocation will be received on time.  

In addition, while your township’s 2022 Survey of Financial Condition was not required to be filed with the state Department of Community and Economic Development until March 15, to receive your liquid fuels distribution by March 1, PennDOT requires that this form be received on or about February 10.  

The MS-965 must be filed with PennDOT and townships should reach out to PennDOT Financial Consultant for their county with any questions or click here to learn more about the liquid fuels program.  

The report of Elected and Appointed Officials and Survey of Financial Condition are filed with the state Department of Community and Economic Development’s Municipal Statistics Office. To learn more about these reports, click here. To file these reports, click here

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