Liquid Fuels Funds Released Yesterday 

The state Department of Transportation has released $467.2 million in 2024 liquid fuels funds to all municipalities that filed the required paperwork. For 2024, the final population factor is $17.9662 per person and the mileage factor is $3,188.0077 per mile. Total projected funds are down from 2023.

“With two-thirds of Pennsylvania’s road miles under township and local government care, we recognize the critical role of liquid fuels funding in maintaining our roadways. We appreciate PennDOT’s recognition of local government as a vital partner in the commonwealth’s transportation network,” said PSATS Executive Director David Sanko. “However, as energy-efficient vehicles and electric cars gain prominence, these funds are being reduced. We eagerly anticipate a continuing partnership with PennDOT and the General Assembly to find innovative solutions, ensuring our roads remain smooth, safe, and ready for the journeys ahead.” Click here for the press release which referenced PSATS and PSAB as transportation partners.

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