Leading a Township? Have We Got a Great Guide for You!

Leading a township is a complex job, demanding expertise in everything from budgets to zoning, community engagement, and public safety. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer the first edition of “Beyond the Code: The Essential Guide for Township Officials,” developed in collaboration with township officials, partners, and others!

This invaluable resource provides Pennsylvania-specific, practical guidance and readily available resources to help you navigate your leadership journey.

“Beyond the Code” will quickly become your go-to source for:

• Budgeting and finance

• Zoning regulations and land use

• Community engagement and communication

• Public safety and emergency preparedness

• And much more!

Get your copy today for only $50. Order online: https://www.psats.org/publications-online/ or call PSATS: (717) 763-0930.

Don’t wait – empower yourself and your township with “Beyond the Code”!

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