DCED Issues Notice on Filing of 2020 Annual Audit and Financial Report (DCED-CLGS-30)

If your municipality’s pension is managed by the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System (PMRS) and you have not received your 2019 statement, the state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) recommends that you omit all pension data in the Trust and Agency Fund on the 2020 Annual Audit and Financial Report (Audit). Please add the following e-filer note: “Pension data has been omitted from the Trust and Agency Fund due to lack of timely pension data from PMRS.”  

It is unclear if this will still result in a finding by the Auditor General’s Office.  Once you obtain the 2019 pension data, please contact DCED at 888-223-6837 to amend your 2020 audit. If you do not use PMRS and get pension management services from another provider, such as the PSATS Municipal Pension Trust, you may disregard this notice as your information will be timely filed. 

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