Commonwealth Highlights Efforts to Combat Litter

Both the state Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania State Police have made concerted efforts to cut down on littering through education, enforcement, cleanups, and volunteering.  

PennDOT crews have expanded litter pickup operations, focusing on higher-traffic roads. The agency spends $14 million a year on anti-litter efforts, diverting funds from road improvements. Townships may choose to designate litter enforcement corridors or partner with PennDOT to identify potential state-owned corridors.  

Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania State Police initiated Operation Clean Sweep this summer to reinforce zero-tolerance of litter enforcement and anti-litter messaging. In Litter Enforcement Corridors, fines are doubled.  

 To learn more about the commonwealth’s anti-litter efforts, click here. To learn more about litter enforcement corridors and PennDOT beautification programs, click here.  

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