Biden Signs Stopgap Funding Bill, Averts Government Shutdown 

On Thursday evening. President Joe Biden signed another stopgap measure into law that extends federal Fiscal Year 2023 funding levels from November 18 to January 19, 2024 for some federal agencies and programs and to February 2, 2024 for most others.  

Appropriations extended until January 19 includes Agriculture and Rural Development, Energy and Water Development, and Transportation and Housing and Urban Development. Those extended until February 2 include Defense, Homeland Security, and Interior and Environment. 

The continuing resolution did extend several authorizations that were set to expire November 17, including the National Flood Insurance Program, which is now extended through February 2. The continuing resolution does not include supplemental appropriations requested by the Biden administration for border security and other domestic priorities. The CR also does not extend the Federal Aviation Administration and excise taxes past their December 31, 2023 expiration. 

House Speaker Mike Johnson has vowed to not consider any additional short-term funding measures in FY 2024, which means that both chambers will need to hammer out a final appropriations agreement ahead of the January 19 and February 2 deadlines.  

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