An Editorial Message from the Executive Director 

45 years ago today was the nation’s first and last major nuclear power plant accident at Three Mile Island. Since that time, there have been significantly more catastrophic bridge failures and we still use bridges. Maintenance and training are the keys to safety. Kudos to every single employee who did their job and followed their training in Baltimore Harbor this week. Sometimes we forget how simply doing your job timely can save lives, but every worker…. from the ship’s command to the radio operator to the harbor master to the bridge police who reacted within seconds saved lives, and that’s before the rescue teams even got started. Prayers for the 6 families who lost a loved one, but thanks from all those who didn’t. Think about that the next time you think a call can wait and you send it to voicemail. It’s more than first responders who save lives….anyone on any day can make a difference. Thanks for what you do! 

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