2021 Membership Card

PSATS will again be producing the 2021 membership cards for supervisors, secretaries and managers in townships that have renewed their annual dues. If you would like your membership card to also double as a photo ID card, this can happen in one of two ways:

1. Use the current picture we have on file.  
2. You can upload your new picture

Either way, we will send your card to you (with, or with, a picture!). To add a photo to your profile, follow these directions:

Click here to sign in to www.psats.org. Once signed in go to “My PSATS” then “My Profile” and select “Upload Profile Image.” Click on “Select Image to Upload” and find the image you want to upload. Once you find the image, click on “Open.” Make sure your image is how you want it to appear on the membership card. The image that is uploaded will be the image that appears on your card. Please note that if you post a township building photo, cartoon character, or pet, then THAT is what would appear on your ID card. We will only send cards with a human likeness.

Photos need to be uploaded by April 2nd.

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