Transportation Revenue Options Commission Holds First Meeting

Yesterday, the governor’s recently appointed Transportation Revenue Options Commission held its first meeting, during which it received information on the state’s transportation network and the estimated $9 billion PennDOT funding shortfall.  

Commission members, which include PSATS Executive Director David M. Sanko, were asked by PennDOT facilitators to answer questions on how much money they would like to see new revenue options raise and were provided with examples of revenue options ranging from raising the personal income tax, corporate income tax and/or sales tax to doubling the state’s registration fee, a mileage-based user fee, and the tolling of interstates. Sanko offered the following statement on behalf of local government. Click here for statement.The commission’s next step is to develop and evaluate funding options. It will meet again in April although a meeting date was not announced. A final plan is due to the governor by August 1.  

Click here to learn more about the commission. 

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