Townships Can Provide Input on Broadband Grant Applications  

The first round of applications for federal broadband funds have been submitted to the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority. The Authority is now providing local governments with the opportunity to provide input on applications for projects in their community or to challenge projects that would duplicate existing approved projects or current broadband infrastructure in their borders.  

Maps providing the generalized outline of project areas for grant submissions are available at the link below. To look at application details, left-click in the project outline. If there are multiple proposed projects for an area, viewers can toggle between proposals in the project information box. 


Townships may only provide input on proposed projects within their borders. To participate, appoint one point of contact for your township and notify the Authority of this individual’s contact information for access to the local government input process. Email Kalie Snyder, PBDA Outreach Manager, at Put “Local Government POC” in the subject line and note the individual’s name (who can be a township official or consultant), their contact information, including email, and the name of the township and county. The township contact will be given the opportunity to provide input through a secure, password-protected link.  

 Participation is optional for both the input and challenge process. Townships may provide subjective input on a project based on its experience or that of its residents. To avoid duplication, townships may provide an objective challenge to a proposed project where high-speed broadband service is available now or an approved project is or will be underway. It is recommended that townships that choose to participate in this process provide either input or a challenge for projects in their jurisdiction. Townships will have until October 6 to provide feedback. To learn more about the Local Government Feedback process, click here. To learn more about the Challenge Process, click here

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