Township Reporting Deadlines Fast Approaching

Township officials are reminded that there are several state filing deadlines fast approaching. See below for the forms, why it is important to file, how to file, and where to go if you need assistance.  

  • Form AG-385 due to the Auditor General: All townships must file this form for the prior year by March 31. Form AG-385 must be filed to receive your foreign fire tax distribution for your fire companies and municipal pension aid if your township has a municipal pension plan. The form is filed through DCED’s Municipal Statistics site and you can login here. For directions for completing the AG-385, click here. Any questions about the AG-385 should be directed to the AG’s Municipal Pensions and Fire Relief Programs Unit at 1-800-882-5073.  
  • Request for 2023 Liquid Fuels Tax Refunds: Townships that paid liquid fuels tax when purchasing fuel in 2023 may request a refund by March 31. If you previously requested a refund, you should have received a preprinted form from the Board of Finance and Revenue. If you do not have a preprinted form or need to request a refund but have not done so in the past, please call (717) 787-6534 to request a preprinted form. DO NOT submit a form for another municipality or cross out a different township’s information. If you did so, please request a form and resubmit.  
  • PURTA Report (RCT-900): Townships file the RCT-900 to receive a distribution, usually a few hundred dollars, from taxes paid by certain utilities. The report is due April 1 and must be filed through the Department of Revenue’s myPATH system. To learn more about the report, click here. For questions, contact the department at   
  • Completion of Township’s 2023 Annual Audit: The township’s CPA or elected auditors (whichever is completing the audit for 2023) are required to complete the 2023 audit by April 1.  
  • File 2023 Municipal Annual Audit and Financial Report: This is the annual audit report that is required to be filed with DCED’s Municipal Statistics Office by April 1. It should be filed by the CPA or elected auditors, whichever completed the audit for 2023. To learn more about this report, click here. To file this reports, click here. Questions should be directed to 1-888-223-6837. 
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