TEMA Resources


  1. Sample Checklist for EMC
  2. Sample Checklist for PIO
  3. Sample Checklist for Liaison Officer
  4. Sample Checklist for Safety Officer
  5. All Functional Checklists

Emergency Preparedness Month Resources (Every September)

  1. Family Emergency Financial First Aid Kit
  2. Family Emergency Plan
  3. Family Financial Preparedness
  4. Family Preparedness Pledge
  5. FEMA Mobile App
  6. Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  7. What to Do Until Help Arrives

Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC)

  1. FEMA Acronyms
  2. Poster: How to Respond When an Active Shooter Is in Your Vicinity
  3. Certification Checklists
    a. EMC Training Requirements Basic
    b.  EMC Training Requirements Advanced
  4. Emergency Management Handbook for Elected Officials
  5. PEMA Directive 2008-01: Movement Of Authorized Personnel On Commonwealth Highways During a Disaster
  6. PEMA Directive 2022-02: Emergency Management Certification and Training Requirements
  7. PEMA Directive 2018-01 Planning Directive (Preparation, Review and Update of County and Municipal Emergency Operations Plans)
  8. FEMA Training Courses
  9. PEMA Request for Appointment of Municipal EMC Form (Rev. 1-2010)
  10. PSP Request for Volunteer Criminal Record Check

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

  1. Emergency Employee Time Report (EETR)
  2. Emergency Equipment Use Report (EEUR)
  3. Emergency Material Use Report (EMUR)
  4. PEMA DAP-19 (Fillable Form)

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

  1. PEMA Model EOP
  2. PEMA EOP Checklist
  4. PEMA EOP Guide
  5. PEMA Directive 2002-04: Emergency Equipment Materials And Supplies
  6. FEMA THIRA – 2019
  7. Family EOP
  8. FEMA EOP Review Guide

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)

Township Emergency Management Association (TEMA)

NG911 System Migration Overview

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