Second Notice: ARPA Confusing Notice 

Township secretaries and managers should note that the American Rescue Plan Act report for the April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024 timeframe is still due by April 30, 2024. All townships that received ARPA funds will need to complete this report, even if your township spent and reported the use of all funds in its 2023 report. The report is not yet available but is expected to open this week in Treasury’s portal:

U.S. Treasury sent out an email last week that caused some confusion. This email was referring to more flexible options given to some local governments (primarily counties and cities) that received more than $10 million and was referring to the reporting for these new options. As townships received less than $10 million each, the standard allowance, which allows all funds to be used for nearly any general township expense, is the easiest and most flexible option for townships. 

To learn more about ARPA funds (including how they may be used) and the upcoming report, click here and look for the ARPA fact sheet and the webinar about how to file the 2024 report. Keep in mind that filing this report generally takes about 5-10 minutes if using the directions provided. If you have difficulty accessing the report, instructions are provided for requesting access, which may take several days to several weeks. 

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