Below are sample documents that townships can use when developing their own resolutions. To preview a document before downloading, click the “Preview PDF” link. To download a Microsoft Word version of the sample document, click on the name of the ordinance.

Property tax penalty waiver provisions. Preview PDF
The waiver request form for taxpayers to present to the tax collector can be found here.

Acceptance of a road into township road system. Preview PDF

Adoption of personnel and workplace policy (covering performance, benefits, nondiscrimination, conditions of employment, etc.). Preview PDF

Establishes acreage as an Agricultural Security Area following a public hearing. Preview PDF

Recognizes the America250PA mission to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the United States in 2026. Preview PDF

Appoints voting delegates to the annual PSATS Conference. Preview PDF

Delegates authority to disburse payroll, tax payments, recurring utility expenses, and postage to the Township Treasurer. Preview PDF

Delegates authority to disburse payroll and recurring expenses not to exceed amount to Township Manager. Preview PDF

Authorizes for the payment of utility bills and payroll due interim to public meetings. Preview PDF

Authorizes the township to borrow funds. Preview PDF

Amends the previously approved budget to make supplemental appropriations. Preview PDF

Establishes funds to be working budgets with intention to amend throughout the year. Preview PDF

Appropriates expenditures and expenses into the current budget. Preview PDF

Cable television franchise agreement for township regulation and use of cable system. Preview PDF

Congratulatory recognition for a scout on the achievement of attaining Eagle Scout rank. Preview PDF

Appoints of a certified public accountant to perform the annual audit. Preview PDF

Designates banks, banking institutions, or trust companies as depositories for township funds. Preview PDF

Establishes fees for zoning and code enforcement permits. Preview PDF

Levies a real estate tax for the purpose for fire prevention services. Preview PDF

Recognizes the celebration of “Local Government Week.” Preview PDF

Establishes guidelines for destruction of recordings by the township secretary for the purpose of meeting minutes. Preview PDF

Establishes regulations for public comment at meetings. Preview PDF

Resolution for purchases and regularly-occurring bill pay approval. Preview PDF

Declares intent to follow the Municipal Records Schedule for retention and destruction. Additional resolution to be used when township is disposing of a record per the schedule.

Establishes or adjusts the tax rate levy in the year after a countywide reassessment or change in the tax ratio. Preview PDF

Sets the real estate tax rate for the purpose of making appropriations to fire companies. Preview PDF

Establishes management plan to maintain signs within the township. Preview PDF

Sets compensation percentage for the township tax collector. Preview PDF

Appoints individual to serve on the zoning hearing board and establishes their term. Preview PDF

Appoints individual to serve as an alternate member on the zoning hearing board. Preview PDF

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