Below are sample documents that townships can use when developing their own ordinances. To preview a document before downloading, click the “Preview PDF” link. To download a Microsoft Word version of the sample document, click on the name of the ordinance.

Establishes 4-way stop intersection. Preview PDF

Establishes and enforces a standardized system of property address numbering. Preview PDF

Permits an age-restricted residential community as a conditional use. Preview PDF

Designates land as an agricultural area. Preview PDF

Establishes provision to apply to agricultural zoning district. Preview PDF

Allows for roadside stands for sale of agricultural and farm products. Preview PDF

Establishes guidelines for the installation, maintenance and function of alarm devices. Preview PDF

Prohibits consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages and open containers in public areas. Preview PDF

Regulates operation of ambulance services within the township. Preview PDF

Establishes tax rate for admissions to amusements. Preview PDF

Establishes procedures for control of animals, notably dogs. Preview PDF

Regulates the keeping of certain animals and prescribes penalties for violation. Preview PDF

Prohibits the keeping of wild, exotic and/or farm animals. Preview PDF

Regulates domestic animals and prohibits ownership of wild or exotic animals. Preview PDF

Designates certain township roads as joint use for snowmobiles or ATVs. Preview PDF

Regulates the hours of operation of B.Y.O.B. clubs. Preview PDF

Regulates “Bed and Breakfast” Inns. Preview PDF

Intent to issue general obligation bonds. Preview PDF

Establishes amount, interest, and maturity of additional debt by issue of a general obligation note. Preview PDF

Allows for space in which no liquors are sold, but where patrons are permitted to bring liquors to the premises for own use and consumption. Preview PDF

Requires businesses and residences to display a house number consistent with numbering system. Preview PDF

Establishes standards for the design, permitting, construction, operation, inspection, maintenance, removal and replacement of wireless communications facilities. Preview PDF

Proclaims the existence of a disaster emergency. Preview PDF

Provides for granting of permits for fireworks and prohibits use of fireworks without a permit. Preview PDF

Prohibits engine brake retarders without exhaust mufflers. Preview PDF

Establishes a municipal authority, including authority powers and duties. Preview PDF

Establishes a township committee, including committee powers and duties. Preview PDF

Establishes traffic regulation and penalties for violations. Preview PDF

Requires occupants of newly constructed dwelling or newly placed mobile home to obtain certificate of occupancy. Preview PDF

Regulates trash accumulation and junkyards. Preview PDF

Regulates the keeping of chickens in residential zones. Preview PDF

Establishes regulations for growing, manufacturing, processing, and dispensing of medical marijuana. Preview PDF

Establishes one-way traffic on specified roads. Preview PDF

Shade Tree Ordinance 1 (external link)

Establishes shade tree commission, including membership, powers, meetings, and enforcement.

Shade Tree Ordinance 2 (external link)

Establishes shade tree commission, including purpose, permits, and tree regulations.

Regulates short term rental units, including standards, fees, inspections, and enforcement.

Prohibits throwing, shoveling, or plowing snow into roads. Preview PDF

Designates snow emergency routes, prioritizing snow removal on those roads first. Preview PDF

Regulates large-scale solar electric energy facilities. Preview PDF

Regulates residential solar electric energy. Preview PDF

Establishes uniform street light rate. Preview PDF

Establishes a streetlighting district and provides for uniform annual assessments. Preview PDF

Establishes real estate tax credit for volunteer fire companies and EMS. Includes additional guidance on Act 172 of 2016. Preview PDF

Considerations and sample language to allow for “tiny home” dwellings or communities.

Vacates dead end road. Preview PDF

Vacates road and reserves a sanitary sewer easement. Preview PDF

Establishes height and distance limits for vegetation growth. Preview PDF

Establishes weight limits for certain roads. Preview PDF

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