Requirements for Townships with CDL Employees  

If your township employs drivers who operate equipment that requires a CDL license, you are required by the Pa. intrastate motor carrier safety regulations (67 Pa. Code Chapter 231.7) to participate in a random drug and alcohol testing program for those employees, such as that offered by the PSATS CDL Program. For more information or to join the PSATS CDL Program, click HERE.  

In addition to participating in a random testing program, all CDL employers in Pa. must also register with the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (“Clearinghouse”) as required by the Pa. intrastate motor carrier safety regulations, which adopted section 49 CFR 382.701 of the federal regulations.

The FMCSA Clearinghouse gives CDL employers real-time ability to see if any of their CDL drivers are ineligible to operate vehicles because of a positive drug or alcohol test, or having engaged in other disqualifying conduct at this employer or any other employer that the township may not have been told about by an employee.  

Instructions for registering with the Clearinghouse can be found HERE. As a reminder, if your township is a member of the PSATS CDL Program, please do the following:  

  • Make sure your company name includes your county.   
    • To check on this, login to your Clearinghouse account and click on the “My profile” link under the “My Dashboard/Manage” button.   
    • If you are a municipality, make sure your “Company Name” is in the “Municipality, County” format under “Company Information.” 
  • Make sure you have designated the PSATS CDL Program as your random testing program. 
    • ​​​​​​​To check on this, login to your Clearinghouse account and click on the “C/TPAs” link under the “My Dashboard/Manage” button.  
    • When asked to designate your C/TPA, begin typing “PSATS CDL Program” in the search box, and then designate us as your C/TPA.  
    • We also encourage you to say “Yes” to the three questions allowing your C/TPA to:  
      • Report Violations  
      • Report RTD (Return to Duty) Information  
      • Conduct Queries on your behalf (which may entail an additional, separate fee from your testing consortium)  

If you have questions, please contact us at  

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