Reminder for PSATS Unemployment Compensation Group Trust Members 

The PSATS Unemployment Compensation Group Trust (UC Trust) is preparing for the transition to Pennsylvania’s new UC Benefits website, (BENEFITS.UC.PA.GOV), which went live yesterday, June 8.  

To ensure a smooth transition, the UC Trust is asking members designate Interstate Tax Service Inc. (ITS), which has worked with the UC Trust for many years, as their township’s third-party administrator on the new website. This will permit ITS to review determinations made by UC referees and, depending on the outcome of those determinations, file appeals and protests on your behalf if you wish to do so. These services performed by ITS are a vital part of your membership in the UC Trust.   

To designate ITS as your township’s third-party administrator, plea follow the directions in yesterday’s email to your township UC Processor. 

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