PUC Recognizes April as National Safe Digging Month

April is National Safe Digging Month, and the Pennsylvania Utility Commission is reminding everyone of the importance of identifying underground infrastructure before digging and encouraging utilities and municipalities to explore the benefits of closer coordination for infrastructure projects. State law requires everyone to contact PA One Call at least three business days before excavation, which alerts underground infrastructure owners, who then mark where their facilities are located.  

Commissioner John F. Coleman Jr. encouraged utilities, contractors, and municipalities to explore the added benefits of the Coordinate PA program through the PA One Call System, which can help better coordinate project schedules, fostering collaboration, and potential cost savings.  

“Collaboration on projects is a ‘win-win’ for everyone involved,” noted Commissioner Coleman. “For example, if a utility is planning to replace underground lines in a particular area in August, but the local municipality is planning to repave those streets in June, it would be better and more cost-effective for both entities to coordinate their schedules so that construction work is complete before the repaving begins, rather than digging up a new street.”  

Closer collaboration and better information about project schedules can also help multiple utilities coordinate their schedules in communities or neighborhoods, avoiding repeated street closures and multiple repairs in the same area. Click here to learn more about Coordinate PA.  

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