PUC Proposes Changes to Act 12 Notices, Process

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is proposing an order to address public notification and processes for the sale of municipal or authority-owned water and wastewater systems under Act 12 of 2016. PUC is accepting public input on these proposed changes. 

The Tentative Supplemental Implementation order makes four specific changes to these acquisitions, including: 

  • Require utilities to hold at least two public meetings before signing an asset purchase agreement. 
  • Require sales to include notice that the seller is aware of potential impacts to the utility’s rates and has communicated this to existing customers. 
  • Make the valuation process consistent by requiring equal weights for cost, income, and market appraisals. 
  • Publication of a reasonableness review ratio. 

To learn more about these changes or how to comment, click here for the press release. Comments will be due within 30 days of publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.  

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